Art Resources

Artwork Requirements

Vector Art

All artwork should be submitted in vector format. This is a file that will allow us to print your image in the highest quality possible, compared to a photo format. Don't know how to vectorize your artwork? No worries, our graphics team can help bring any idea to life!

Outline / Expand Fonts

A common mistake when sending art files is not outlining your text. This results in the other party requesting the font. To prevent this, it's best that you send all artwork with the text outlined. Not sure how? Perform this in Adobe Illustrator: Type > Create Outlines

.jpeg / .png Files

In the case that you don't have a vectored file of your artwork, we request that you send your design in 300 dpi or the highest resolution possible. For embroidery, .jpeg and .png files are fine.

Max Print Dimensions

12.5" W x 17" H (Front / Back Print)

3" W x 18" H (Long Sleeve Print)

3" W x 3" H (Short Sleeve Print)

2.75" W x 2.75" H (Inside Tag Print)

5" W x 2" H (Front Hat Embroidery)

3" W (Back Arch Hat Embroidery)

Download Templates

Familiar with Adobe Illustrator? Speed up your ordering process by providing your own Art Proofs (Tech Pack). This eliminates us going back and forth on the small details and allows our team to get straight to producing your order.

Tech Pack Template




Long Sleeve T-Shirts


Crewneck Sweaters




Windbreaker Jacket


Different Printing Techniques


A single hit of ink can give your prints a very vintage look and feel. This requires no underbase (primer color). 


Looking for a very bright opaque print? This print method requires an underbase (primer color), which will allow the top color to shine bright like a diamond.

Soft Hand

Don't want your print to feel heavy? We can add soft hand to our plastisol ink, reducing at least 50% of its standard weight and leaving you with a soft hand print!

Specialty Ink

Interested in puff, reflective, metallic, glitter ink? Our in-house production team can make sure we meet your project's special needs!


Embroidery finishes are great for polos, hats, or any corporate uniform that you just can't get with traditional screen printing.