Mesh Counts

What mesh count should I get for my custom screen?

A general rule to follow for mesh counts is that 

lower mesh count = less detail

higher mesh count = higher detail

110 Mesh:

Great for thicker inks, underbases, and large prints. Very low-detail, at times perfectly straight lines can become jagged. Thin inks can bleed over time with 110 mesh.


160-200 Mesh:

A very versatile mesh count, 160 holds medium to high detail while allowing both thick and thin inks through with no problem. Depending on the amount of detail, this mesh count can capture the look you're going for! If you're only using one screen, printing dark ink on light garment or vice versa we recommend using 160-200 mesh.

230-280 Mesh:

A great in-between high and low detailed designs. Perfect for printing detailed designs with with small lines and text. As the smaller holes decrease the amount of ink going through.


300-305 Mesh:

Perfect for halftones and very detailed designs. Smaller holes on the mesh results in a lighter feel on the garment. Lighter feel also means that you can use this mesh count for inside tags.