Rentable Space (Hours)
Rentable Space (Hours)Rentable Space (Hours)Rentable Space (Hours)Rentable Space (Hours)Rentable Space (Hours)Rentable Space (Hours)Rentable Space (Hours)

We offer our space for people to rent out if they are interested in printing their own products. No need to invest in high end equipment, trial and error, and headaches trying to figure out the printing process. We have done that already for you. During your session you will have an experienced printer ready if you ever have any questions or tips while printing. We suggest adding in an extra hr if your its your first time to learn/get the hang of it. Print up to 6 colors.

Presses currently available : 4 Color 1 Station & 6 Color 4 station

Inks : Plastisol & Waterbase

Inside Tag Printing Press Available

Specialty Inks : Reflective Ink, Puff, Glow, etc ( Extra Cost )

Print up to 70+ shirts an hr ( 1 color )

We make, set-up, and clean up the screens for you so all you have to do is come in and print. 

Inks are included in rent cost unless you are using specialty inks such as reflective ink, glow ink, puff, etc.

Void screen charges by bringing in your own screens or invest in buying screens with us so you don't get charged for it again the next time.

Need us to save your screens for another session? We hold screens for up to 3-4 days before reclaiming it. If you decide to come back before then we won't charge you for the same screen if we still have it.

Bring a buddy to help speed up the process so you can get the most out of your session. We've developed this service so creatives can produce their products at a fraction of the cost of what the industry would usually charge. If you are able to print 100 shirts or more in an hr for only $30-60 we have reached our goal.

Garments: Bring in your own shirts or order them directly through us.

Factors to the final cost are:

(Hours) + (Screen Charges) + ( Garments if not provided )

Before checking out, make sure that you have added all three factors to your cart. If you are also purchasing shirt blanks with us, make sure that is also in your cart.



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