Rentable Space (Ink Swaps)

Rentable Space (Ink Swaps)

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This charge is for how many ink swaps you would like to have with your time with us. 

i.e. If you are doing 1 design but 3 different color ways, that would be considered 2 ink swaps.

color way 1, ink swap, color way 2, ink swap, color way 3

Before checking out, make sure that you have added all three factors to your cart. If you are also purchasing shirt blanks with us, make sure that is also in your cart.

Pricing includes garment + standard screen print cost
For items/services that are not currently listed on our app, please fill out our old form  for inquires related to custom embroidery, specialty inks, etc.
Pricing does not include Taxes or the extra cost of 2XL+ shirts. An additional $1-5 will be added per pc, depending on the vendor's pricing.
Q. How do I order? I like your amazing quality & pricing.
A. Simple, just submit your inquiry after inputting the required information for your project, and we will send you a payment invoice via secured QuickBooks link through email. Once payment has been received and all necessary information has been collected we will then begin production!
For wholesale customers that are supplying their own garments please refer to the policies on page 2 of our Print Pricing Chart