Screen Printing Workshop

Screen Printing Workshop

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The screen printing industry can be a tricky one especially if you are just going off of videos on Youtube. We've decided to create our own class to help you and many others learn and get into the screen printing industry! This is great for anyone looking to create their own clothing line (Products) or screen printing business. You will learn the language of production, Vendors, and a list of supplies needed to get started. Its time to get started the proper way by learning from one of our experts! Heres what you will learn


  1. Introduction to Art; Vector art with Illustrator, Jpeg, & spot color.
  2. Films and Output; Why an ink jet printer?
  3. Screen Preparation; Frame & mesh selection, pre-stretched wood versus aluminum.
  4. Setting up a Screen room; Racks, lighting, dehumidifiers and environment.
  5. Pre-press; Degreasing, emulsions, coating, drying, exposure and block-out.
  6. Setting Up a Job & Printing; Print order, Multi- color registration, and test prints.
  7. Curing Parameters; Flash temperatures, final cure parameters and testing.
  8. Breaking Down a Job; Proper cleaning techniques, washing screens for storage or reclamation, filing screens and inspection of screens.
  9. Production Tracking; Final counts, cleaning garments, misprints and filling out production reports for job repeatability and consistency.
  10. Additional Tips & Advice; Print placements, blends, puff ink tricks, curable reducers and assorted short cuts.
  11. Screen Printing as a Business; Tips on the business side of screen printing. Learn how to supplement your income or create your own company through screen printing.

Print your own design that day! Yep, we believe talking is not enough to learn but instead have a full hands on experience in the class. Bring in 6 of your own T-Shirts ( white ) and we will be by your side to show you how to set-up and print your own shirts. Not only will you learn but you will go home with a final product!

This hands on 6 Hr class will teach you everything you need to know to set-up your own screen printing business, and clothing brand. You will be able to ask any questions you do have after class as well!

Our partnership with McLogan Supply Co. guarantees our extensive knowledge in the screen printing industry. Its important that we not only show you how, but where you can also purchase the right equipment and supplies to make sure you are successful on your journey. We are here for you long after the class.

Knowledge is Power and by you taking ACTION on this class is one step more on your entrepreneur journey!

Please bring your own lunch